What not to do on a golf course and Basic etiquettes to follow!

Although following all of the golf transgressions might seem difficult, there are some etiquettes which you need to follow –

Never step into some other player’s line
This might sound silly and might not be a big deal to you. There are different kinds of players enjoying their own game and it is not nice to spoil it for them. This is the foremost and prime etiquette one must always remember when on the golf course. By stepping on someone else’s line, you are leaving your imprints, which could cause a distraction to the players. Although it is really not crossing borders, it still shows what respect you have for the game. And really, we should stick to the principles we would like others to follow. I would not like somebody stepping on to my line when am concentrating on a shot, so I would make sure not to step onto some ones line as well.

Allow faster groups to play through if you are planning to take it slow
Remember that there are various groups playing along with you taking turns. Now if you are planning on a slow game with your set of friends, then it only fair you allow the rest of the groups through. It could be a leisure game for you. The other group might be playing on a tight schedule on a budget. Take turns to look back if you are holding up the next batch for way too long. If it is weekend and the course id crowded, you could actually not help. But certainly making the rest of the players wait too long could be considered disrespectful for the game more than the players.

Do not volunteer for an advice
The one thing newbie’s hate in a game is unwarranted advice. It is okay to guide them if they request you for ideas. It is best to refrain from providing swing advice when it is not asked for. Players might consider it annoying although they might not mouth it all the time. Now we have come across those advice guys a lot when we started a fresh right? And remember we never used to enjoy those swing advice sessions either. You could go ahead if you are a certified golfer and are asked for help everywhere. Unprovoked advices are never enjoyed and this understanding needs to be prevalent among expert players.

Do not throw your clubs
Throwing of clubs when the shot does not meet the expectation has been common among the golfers for a while. Although we understand that it allows you to cool, and takes off stress from you, it is not professional. It could be dangerous to the fellow players. The attitude is considered unprofessional and is not welcome among the players. The chronic throwers are avoided on the course by the fellow players. There are other ways to eliminate the stress or show your dissatisfaction and throwing you club could only embarrass you in front of other golfers.

Say no to too much drinks
Golf and beer, go hand in hand together. Everyone knows it is a relaxing game and is enjoyed more when you are drunk. The point to be observed is, not overly drunk. You are playing a game which needs athletic effort in hitting a projectile, and you need to drive the car too. It is only wise if you are moderately drunk enough to have fun while you play. It is not fair to drink too much and remain boisterous and noisy all through the game spoiling it for the fellow golfers as well. Another point to ponder is a number of golfing accidents happen to drunken players.

Do not hit onto the group which is right ahead of you
There are many fights in the golf course because of a group hitting on the group ahead of them. Although it is common and not done on purpose, some amount of effort needs to be put and care needs to be taken to refrain from hitting right ahead. It is considered as the ultimate disrespect to fellow players as well as the game and course titlest wedges.

If you think the group ahead is holding you up for a long time and not playing fairly, there are different ways to deal with it. Nobody wants a golf ball sticking to their head. You have to look out for rangers to whom you could politely point out the time taken by the group which is ahead of you. You could otherwise request for a ranger to the golf course. There are many polite ways to deal with such issues and hitting on the group ahead will only get you into unwarranted troubles and make your day gloomy further. It is better to enjoy the game without inviting troubles at the course, after all golf is a gentle man’s game.